Follow Your Instincts

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So often we’re told to “Just follow your instincts,” but what does it actually mean and more importantly, how do you do it?

We all have had setbacks that occasionally make us question our instincts. But our instincts are a critical barometer to measure life’s decisions. If we don’t believe in our decision-making abilities, we will be hampered from reaching goals and may miss amazing opportunities.

Follow Your Instincts, provides perspective on why you are questioning your thoughts and actions. Learn how the brain absorbs information and how it responds by emitting neurotransmitters that are expressed in the body as emotions, that make us feel happy and satisfied or upset and disappointed. You will gain greater knowledge on the root of why you question your decisions. Learn techniques that will help you build trust in your decision-making abilities and allow you to follow your instincts in the future

Your intuition is like your own personal guiding star, but there are many obstructers that can cloud your vision. Once you’re aware of them, you’ll  catch yourself when you’re headed in the wrong direction for the wrong reasons so you can then take the appropriate steps to realign with your intuition.