Your Comfort Zone

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It is human nature to revert to the things that are familiar and that bring us comfort. Fear can be a powerful instigator, compelling us to retreat to the safety of the known. Extensive research has been conducted on how we internalize fear and the rationale behind staying in our comfort zone.  Although this seems like a safe and logical reaction, it may be stifling your ability to deal with a situation in a healthy and productive  manner.

Your Comfort Zone will explore the concept of choosing between staying in your place of comfort or altering your course. You will be introduced to concepts that will allow you to evaluate whether the actions you are compelled to take are creating a rut that is preventing you from living a life that supports confidence and growth.

Your Comfort Zone will help you to evaluate the opportunities that exist and assist you in establishing new experiences that balance the comforting experience we all crave, with the excitement of a new path moving forward.