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We all have felt the massive shift that our lives have taken recently, and we are experiencing the aftermath of stress, anxiety and mental fatigue. As time blurs the edges of boundaries, it is easy to forget to stop and take care of yourself.  It is critical to your mind, body and spirit to find appropriate escapes from the daily pressures. Workdays blend into weekends, working remotely tempts us to squeeze longer hours to get a head start on the next day.

This session allows you to stop and breathe and to redefine your boundaries. You will be guided to reacquaint yourself with the creative and optimistic side of your personality. You will learn daily techniques that help you to feel like you have just come back from a luxurious vacation. In fact, these experiences are exactly that, with their spectacular destinations, you feel rejuvenated and fresh as you experience you VRBrain Everyday-cation. The demands will wait, now is your time to become revitalized.