Look Ahead

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We make dozens of decisions every day, and some of these decisions will have a resounding effect of the course of our lives.  

Dwelling on the past is a common past time, but it can skew our view of what our future could be. As we look back on our lives, we can find ourselves in the trap of worrying and obsessing about the poor choices we have made in the past.  Our brains are wired to give more weight to the things that go wrong rather than right, and one negative event can hijack our minds in a way that can affect our work, relationships and health.

Look Ahead, guides you through your current situation and helps you to identify the tendencies you have relied on to move through your world. By understanding the weight of your past, you will be able to methodically unload your history and carry its teaching value rather than its emotional fog.  In this experience we give practical tips to work around the past negative bias in your life and look ahead to a positive and exciting future.