Stress Release

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Stress and anxiety are the two biggest culprits plaguing society today. We have become so used to working and living in a pressure pot that we do not recognize its destructive path. As we go through our day it is becoming increasingly more difficult to feel productive.

Trying to focus on goals, while dealing with constant change is like balancing on a tight rope while playing dodgeball. Eventually the changes and constant demands take our attention, and we lose focus on the goal we are trying to achieve. When stress is not understood or managed it can get out of control; negatively impacting our work, our relationships and ultimately our health.

This session will explore your personal stressors; what they are, and how they impact your life. You will learn alternate techniques to manage the stresses that you are aware of, while preparing to maneuver the unknown. This session is for anyone who recognizes they need assistance to regain control in their life, in order to create a successful and productive pathway