Five Things You Can Do for Your Mental Health

Five Things You Can Do for Your Mental Health

 With competing responsibilities, more and more of us share one major thing in common — we’re all stressed out!  As such, finding healthy ways to relax is important for our mental and emotional health. 

Be kind to yourself:   You compliment others, but when was the last time you paid yourself a compliment?  Next time you are feeling down or insecure think of your three greatest qualities and remind yourself that there are many things you do well and then take the time to congratulate yourself on these qualities.

Exercise:  Walk, climb the stairs or go for a bike ride.  A regular exercise routine will boost your mood and concentration.  Set a goal of 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day.

Sleep: The recommended amount of sleep is over 7 hours a night.  But sleeping well also refers to the quality of sleep.  Setting a regular sleep and wake routine will ensure that you are functioning and feeling your best.

Socialize:  Spending time with family, friends and even pets are important to your mental health.  Humans are social creatures, and we crave connection.  Focus on the quality of your relationships and make time to spend with people that make you laugh and support you. 

Relax: Find relaxation techniques that work for you and make it part to of your daily routine. This could include things such as mediation, painting, listening to music, or journal.

There are many ways to focus on increasing your mental wellness, but we suggest focusing on a few big ones to start.  Over time you will find your own mental health rhythm. 

Best of luck to you in your wellness journey. We hope you find the peace, calm, and joy you deserve not just on Mental Health Day but every day of the year!

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