Coping When You Feel Overwhelmed

Coping When You Feel Overwhelmed

When you are feeling overwhelmed it can feel all-consuming.  Here are some ways to help address those anxious and fearful emotions that can feel paralyzing.

  • Keep a diary of when you feel  overwhelmed. Identify your work and home patterns and plan your day accordingly.  Where possible, start each  with the tasks that make you feel the most anxious.
  • Feeling overwhelmed can take your thoughts on a rollercoaster ride of unnecessary worry, about that may never happen, keep your mind in the present by focusing on the now.
  • Try guided meditation to help you train your mind to stay in the present by focusing on the breathing process, physical sensations and sounds.
  • Keep active, eat well, and spend time in nature. Research tells us that time in nature significantly reduces cortisol which is a stress hormone.
  • Are you procrastinating?  Often, we avoid the things that make us anxious which gives us short term relief, but in the long run, it will make you  more anxious.  The way to push through these feelings is to tackle it head on
  • Are you taking on too much? Perhaps you need to learn to say ‘NO’.  You CAN learn to say no in the right situations, it just takes practice.
  • We all have messages that play over in our minds. Your internal dialogue will frame your reactions to life and its circumstances. Too often, the pattern of self-talk we’ve developed is negative. Write down some of your negative 'self-talk' messages  that undermine your ability to overcome your anxiety. 
  • Some of us are just natural worriers, its part of our DNA and it’s never going to go away, so set aside 10 minutes a day to write them down transferring your worry onto paper, then tackle the things you can control first thing the next morning. 
  • Find a confidence buddy. Talking to others who are prone to bouts of worry or anxiety will help you feel less alone, but make sure that they can speak positive into your life and give you brighter perspective.
  • Be kind to yourself and remember that being overwhelmed or feeling anxious does not define who you are. It is not a weakness, you are not inferior, it is simply part of the human emotion and with simple steps you can push past these feelings. 

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