Carry-on Baggage

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As we go through life, we accumulate experiences. Some that are good and some that are not. We carry these experiences with us wherever we go, taking them with us to new jobs and into new relationships. If these experiences are positive and supportive, or they shed some useful knowledge for future experiences, their burden is light and worth bringing with you. But if the experiences are negative or filled with past glories, the weight of these memories can be a liability, tainting a fresh experience with an irrelevant perspective or keeping us captive in old memories and not building on the old glories to create new successes.

This session explores what you bring with you in your everyday Carry-On Baggage. You will identify what is useful and what needs to be unpacked to keep your baggage light and useful. You will understand why the brain holds on to certain memories and learn techniques that will help you to evaluate what you will choose to take with you, in order to be successful, moving forward on your life journey.