Uncharted Waters

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Lately every day feels like we are venturing out into uncharted waters. Uncertainty can leave us feeling excited for what maybe around the corner or feeling anxious as we grasp for familiarity.

When uncertainty persists, the latter takes hold of our thoughts and fear can erode our confidence leading to action paralysis. This is true of even the most seasoned leaders, as maneuvering unfamiliar terrain constantly, can lead to burnout. Uncharted Waters explores how the brain reacts to uncertainty and increases your awareness of how to read the waves around you. You will be introduced to practices that you can use to minimize the exhausting impact of battling a white-water rapid  and learn to ride the wave when faced with the enormity of the open sea.

Uncharted Waters is a life-preserver for anyone who recognizes the future is changing and that they need greater awareness to explore it with confidence.